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We hope to make a difference

We enjoyed traveling Laos very much in winter 2022/2023 and were – like many – impressed by the beauty of the country’s largely untouched nature. The warm-hearted, always welcoming and helpful nature of the Laotians made our stay an outstanding experince.

We were touched to learn that many Laotians, especially children in the rural areas, have little to no access to basic hygiene, proper education, or even medical services. Many adults long for opportunities to learn and improve their foreign language skills or for somehow otherwise improving their education in hope for better job- or business prospects.

Especially during our trip to the lesser developed north of Laos, we learned that most Laotians would appreciate any support they could get in developing their personal and professional situation. This left us impressed and – in a way – sad at the same time.

During a campfire chat with Yia, the guide we spent several days with, we got the idea of setting up a website to support Yia’s freelance work as a tour guide in Laos. Not so much to be do-gooders but rather because we like to tinker with our own little projects. But yes, wouldn’t it be great if we got something up and running that would help individual travelers like us to find good tour guides and things to do in Laos while we could also support locals in the country?

Getting it out there

Our aim is not to fret at the business of professional travel agencies and tour operators. We are rather driven by our own experience. We would probably have planned things differently prior to our departure, if we only had known better about the actual situation in the country. The most recent travel guidebook was more than 5 years old at the time and many travel bogs we read, weren’t able to give us enough recent information.

We want to address those who want to travel mostly individually and self-organised, enabling them to get recent information getting around and about in Laos. This includes finding good tour guides, learning about sustainable ways of traveling, finding things to see and to do, while also supporting locals like Yia or schoold and projects in the rural areas.

So, the primary goal is to get information out there and perhaps build a community of people who love and support traveling while making a difference for locals.

Get in touch

We are just at the beginning and appreciate any help and support we can get. Individual travelers, digital nomads, influencers, and supporters, please reach out and do let us know what you think about our initiative. Leave feedback, tell us what you would like to see here, or whatever else you have in mind that could help us improve.

Thanks for stopping by!

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